Architectural exploration expanding on qualities of Melostomataceae, a particular genus if leaves. Based on the patterns of the veins of Melostomataceae leaves. I began my first exploration by tracing the shapes of the veins using tangential circles.

Drawing: With tracings of 4 different Melostomataceae leaves, with overlaps of the leaves. I documented the centers of each of the circles to track the patterns that the tangents created.

Basswood model: The next phase of the project was a 3-dimensional interpretation of the drawing, with curved basswood creating a similar kind of tangential pattern.

Wire module: An even more 3-dimensional abstraction, using the basswood as a topography. I extruded the curves to create 3 major "spines" that were placed on the main areas of the basswood topography.

Observatory: Using principles that we discovered through these processes, I created an observatory that focuses on the tangential relationships and curves, particularly with views. This observatory allows people to sit in a cave-like structure and self-reflect, with a view of the landscape directly ahead of them. Each structure allows for different views, reflecting the tangent in that might form an overall shape, but each is different.