Difference in color of two sides of the river in Google Earth
 Chain of Rocks Bridge
 Ripples in the Mississippi River
 Drip study
Ripple diagram.jpg
 Gears mixing machine
 Gears mixing machine drawings
gears axon.jpg
 Mixing caused by gears speeding up mixing process
 Confluence of Missouri and Mississippi Rivers
 Number of dams in Mississippi and Missouri Rivers
 Illustration of land loss projected in New Orleans area today and in 90 years
 Areas with significant hypoxia (lack of oxygen) in the Gulf of Mexico
 Hypoxic zone
 Preliminary model with conical shape to focus views on the area of mixing
 External structure directing views
 Preliminary model with directed views as well as guttered water mixing on the far side of the structure
 Digital drawing of preliminary model
 Small scale models referring back to the cone shape, with dripping from one layer to another
 Triangular shape with double skin, revealing views 
 Module with two combined, creating inhabitable space between their intersection areas
 Expanding the skin to create inhabitable space between layers of "skin"
 Revealing of views
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